Disposable Isolation Gowns

Trust your safety to Care Gear with our Single-Use Disposable Open-back LDPE Isolation Gown. Available in 2 models – Standard and Heavy Duty. Available in boxes of 20 and 100 individually packaged isolation gowns.

$1.95 $1.25 Per Gown – Standard Duty (1.25 Mil)
$2.20 $1.45 Per Gown – Heavy Duty (2.0 Mil)

For large orders please contact us for custom quote.

Thumb Hook Style Wrists

Thumb hooks provide enhanced safety and keep sleeves from sliding up. Comfortably keeps your sleeves in place while you use your Care Gear isolation gown.

AAMI Level 2 Barrier Protection

Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) isolation gowns are Third-Party Tested for level 2 liquid barrier protection.

Standards: Meets or exceeds ANSI/AAMI PB70 barrier performance standards for Level 2 barrier protection in accordance with AATCC 42 (Water Resistance: Impact Penetration) and AATCC 127 (Water Resistance: Hydrostatic Pressure) standards.

Wearing Your Care Gear Gown

Donning Instructions

  1. Start by pulling the individual gown from the bag.
  2. Inspect the gown prior to donning for any rips, or holes. If the gown is in good condition, continue to the next step of donning the gown. If there is a hole or tear, discard the gown and restart the donning process.
  3. Take hold of the gown from the folded edge and allow the remainder of the gown to unfold. With both hands holding either side of the neck opening swiftly, snap the gown down to release the rest of the gown. Gown is now ready to be donned.
  4. Place arms into the sleeves and hands into the thumb-loop cuffs if they apply to your gown.
  5. Pull the gown overhead.
  6. Pull the side ties to the back of the gown and tie at the rear of the waist.

Doffing Instructions
1. Pull gown forward at chest

  1. Leaving your medical gloves on, start by crossing your arms, grasp on the shoulders and pull the gown away from the body to break the neck closure. The gowns are designed for easy doffing.
  2. Move down to your waist grasp the gown, and pull away from the body to break waist closure.
  3. Roll the gown down the body inside out into a ball with your medical gloves to ensure fluids and contaminants are contained.
  4. Discard of the gown in an appropriate receptacle. Some users may require special disposal depending on your local facilities’ rules and applicable regulations.

Manufactured & Shipped From Houston Texas

We’re happy to be headquartered in Houston, Texas, and proud to source all materials from US suppliers and manufacture and ship each gown from Houston.

Over 3 Million Gowns Delivered

We can fulfill orders of all sizes for customers of any kind. With millions of gowns already to hospital systems and healthcare facilities, Care Gear orders are processed within 3 business days and shipped promtly. Please email info@caregearmfg.com if you or your organization are interested in larger orders.

Individually Packaged

Each Care Gear Isolation Gown comes individually packaged. All disposable gowns are inspected, prepped, packaged, and shipped with procedures in place to maintain cleanliness and avoid contamination prior to use. Disposable gowns intended for single-use only.

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